Chapter 1:  Parting   QE 115             Esmerelda stared up at the airship from her perch on the roof of the Allegany Inn, watching the skies as two airships danced nimbly amongst the clouds, playfully chasing each other.  Both were resplendent in the maroon of the Royal Aeronauts, both with streamers fluttering behind them longer than … Continue reading Parting


            Kalyah woke up on the pile of polycloth scraps that served as her bed.  She stretched and yawned to greet the morning, then reached out for her comm device.  Her hand froze after touching it, and she pulled away, letting the device sit, and instead she climbed up out of the makeshift bed.             … Continue reading Shipwrecked

Felicia’s Night Job

I'm also really enjoying the flash fiction right now. There's something absolutely satisfying about doing these bite size stories. I still crave a bigger overarching story that these can't really provide, but they're fun to do, and can be a nice change of pace. First line was from the generator at Photo by eduardo … Continue reading Felicia’s Night Job