Love: the Death of Dreams

The night sky was as dark as could be, clouds covering the moon and stars, but in the field below was the flickering light of candles arranged in a very particular pattern.  The night was eerily calm, and not even a cricket dared to chirp, as if they knew what was about to happen, and … Continue reading Love: the Death of Dreams

Griffon’s Hill Inn, Part 2

Autumn             Breena shivered as she grabbed an armload of firewood just outside the tavern.  It was a colder than expected night, but winter was just around the corner.  It was barely snowing, but the wind whipped it around furiously.  Lovely as the view was, this was the time when there was no reprieve from … Continue reading Griffon’s Hill Inn, Part 2

Felicia’s Night Job

I'm also really enjoying the flash fiction right now. There's something absolutely satisfying about doing these bite size stories. I still crave a bigger overarching story that these can't really provide, but they're fun to do, and can be a nice change of pace. First line was from the generator at Photo by eduardo … Continue reading Felicia’s Night Job


            “Can you get me a coffee, sweetheart?”  Tarron asked, standing too close as he stared down Mirabelle.  He was a wiry old elf who’s thinning hair did nothing to cover his pointed ears.             Mirabelle looked up from the giant stack of papers that she had to process to her boss, then over to … Continue reading Moltenworld