I lived in the winter, it seemed endless
The ground was snow-clad and the sky always grey
Winter should be cold, but I felt nothing.
Night devoured the day, and I was trapped.
Sunlight pierced the sky, and with it was hope
Still, winter was strong, it would not let go
The light brought change, icy fear and hope
Winter’s time was gone, but what comes after?
The rains came, washed away the winter snow
Life returned to me with warmth, hope, and glee
But nature takes time, and change must be slow
Days can feel like winter, even in June.
Spring came to me, and with it were flowers
Pink, white, and blue, colors I’d never seen
And the bees buzzed and the birds sang their songs
While butterflies flapped on unsteady wings.
Spring becomes summer and that teems with life.
I felt so alive, it made me happy
Living the life that seemed so far from me
Among the birds, bees, and those butterflies.
Yet summer is hot; emotions can burn
Happiness for one can make others scorn
I don’t care at all, will let bridges burn
Truth shines brightest, basking in the sunlight
Fall is wonderful, the trees are pretty
The changes from spring and summer are seen
In Autumn, so vibrant and beautiful
Free to be real, true as the butterflies.
Autumn brings with it ever new changes
All the life above looks to the future.
The grass grows brown, the animals scatter
Nature begins where it ends, then starts again.

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